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In C.G. Langton and K. Shimohara (Eds.), Artificial life V: Proceedings of the Fifth . The role of mate choice in biocomputation: Sexual selection as a process of .

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1 GenePool: Exploring The Interaction Between Natural Selection ...
Gene Pool is an artificial life simulation designed to bring some basic . of sexual selection where mate choice is a factor in the evolution of morphology .

On Sex, Mate Selection and the Red Queen
A more recent hypothesis, the mate selection hypothesis, assumes that . Artificial Life community, the use of computer simulation methods has been shown to .

Lotus Artificial Life - Handicapped by Sexual Selection
I'm Tim Tyler - and this is a video about mate choice, its possible long-term . Female choice - which is usually what mate choice means - involves females .

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Throughout the individuals' lives, their genomes interact with their environments to . As opposed to artificial selection, in which humans favour specific traits, . reversed behavior in which it is males that are most selective in mate choice; the .