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For example, a liquid may become gas upon heating to the boiling point, resulting in an abrupt change in volume. The measurement of the external conditions at .

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Sublimation requires additional energy and is an endothermic change. The enthalpy of . The formation of frost is an example of meteorological deposition.

Change of Phase/State (Phase Transition) with Examples
Change of Phase Matters can be in four states like solid, liquid, gas and . Another example that all you in experience daily life, when you heat water it boils . is called deposition, in which gas matters lost heat and change their phase to solid.

Physical and Chemical Changes
For example, water remains water, no matter if it solid, liquid or gas. . Now would be a good time as any to list the names of the various phase changes: . Deposition is a bit of a non-standard word, but it fits better than using sublimation or .

Phases - Gas, liquid and solid
For example, a homogeneous solution of any number of substances is a . Phase is a concept used to explain many physical and chemical changes . sublimation deposition SOLID ============> GAS ==============> SOLID melting .