Jurisdiction and Venue: Selecting the Right Court
Determining the appropriate jurisdiction and venue in which to file a lawsuit can be like trying to figure out a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Some jurisdictional .

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Jurisdiction can also be used to define the proper court in which to bring a particular . Unlike jurisdiction, venue does not involve a determination of a court's .

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The place where a court sits is known as a venue. . The practical authority given to the court is known as its jurisdiction (Latin jus . the term "court" (in the case of U.S. federal courts) by law is used to describe the judge himself or herself.

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The Virginia General District Court (GDC) is the lowest level of the Virginia court . 1.1 Subject-matter jurisdiction; 1.2 Personal jurisdiction; 1.3 Venue . It must explain how the trial date will be set; it must inform the defendant that failure to .

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Both deal with (generally) federal court jurisdiction. In order for a court (and . Personal Jurisdiction Subject Matter Jurisdiction and Venue? All are legal phrases .