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Name at birth: Emmanuel Goldenberg. Edward G. Robinson is a . Robinson, Edward G. [né Emanuel Goldenberg] (1893–1973), actor. The stocky, gruff actor .

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The armistice also disbanded the French army, sending many French soldiers . French Resistance groups also developed an "under-ground railroad" system to .

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In the Middle Ages, French kings expelled most of the original Askhenazi Jewish . Robert Gamzon, French resistant, commanding the 2nd company of Maquis de Vabre . Emmanuelle Haïm (1967 –) harpsichordist and conductor (half Jewish) . Cevert ((born "François Goldenberg"; 1944–1973) racing driver (half Jewish) .

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See also: List of French-language poets and List of French novelists . Marcel Marceau, 20th century mime (and member of the French Resistance in World War .

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Aug 17, 2007. Hoffman era, you couldn't get away with a name like Emmanuel Goldenberg. . Culturally-speaking, French Jews sign up to the same manifesto as . his crime films so watchable into an account of the French resistance.