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Mar 8, 2010 . How tall is 50 cent? 1.829 metres. 6 feet. What is the height (length measured vertically) of Curtis James Jackson III (born July 6 in either 1975 .

How Tall is Rapper 50 Cent? -
He is 6 feet tall. 50 cent is one of the top 10 highest paid hip hop rapper, but he doesn't make as much as Jay-Z though. Haven't heard ab... view more.

How Tall is 50 Cent? -
It is said that the rapper, 50 Cent, is six feet tall. 50 Cent is famous for surviving bullet wounds. He is also among the top 10 highest ... view more.

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Curtis James Jackson III (born July 6, 1975), better known by his stage name 50 Cent, is an American rapper, entrepreneur, investor, record producer, and actor.

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50 cent is 6,0 feet tall, whereas lil wayne only is 5,45 feet tall. So 50 cent is the bigger global rapper. 3 months ago; Report Abuse. 3 people rated this as good .