Report of the Board of Inquiry into the incident involving the ship ...
Figure 8 - Radiator Vent - Emergency Generator Room. Figure 9 . Lloyd's Register Rules Part 3, Chapter 1, Section 6 Clause 6.2.1 provide the following . houses. The other approach works from the “top down”: it starts with the side deck .

Nuclear-Powered Ships | Nuclear Submarines
Lloyd's Register shows about 200 nuclear reactors at sea, and that some 700 have been . Alstom turbines and the system can provide 5 years running at 25 knots before refuelling. . (steam generator within reactor pressure vessel) . in nuclear propulsion Lloyd's Register has recently rewritten its 'rules' for nuclear ships, .

Rules for ice and cold operations. “Winterisation“ of vessels.
Lloyd's Register EMEA. Topics . RULES. • Mandatory in Baltic sea. • Based on many years experience. • De facto . Emergency generator room;. CO2 room; .

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Lloyd's Register is an exempt charity under the UK Charities Act 1993 . RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR THE CLASSIFICATION OF SHIPS, July 2007 . Power conditions for generator sets. 3.9 . Starting of the emergency source of power .