What is Sole Source? - Writing Professional RFP Letters
Learn how to use sole source solicitation, a non-competitive procurement . FREE Request for Proposal (RFP) Letters, including FREE samples of Letter of .

Sole Source Protest Letter, FREE Template and Sample
Learn tips on how to write a professional Sole Source Protest Letter, against a non-competitive procurement from one single source or sole source.

Single/Sole Source Justification and/or Waiver of Competitive Bidding
and the requested documentation serves to meet purchasing documentation . Sole source requests must include a letter from the supplier certifying that its .

Sole Source Purchasing Procedure Definition A sole source ...
A sole source purchase is a procurement of materials or services that are available from only one source, . b) obtains letter from vendor verifying they are the .

Sole Source/Single Source Procurements - Chaffey College
WHEN TO USE SOLE SOURCE/SINGLE SOURCE PROCUREMENT. SINGLE . Submit a sole source justification letter to Purchasing Services that includes: .