Jan 5, 2010 . These culprits will be blamed later for the tree's demise, but sunscald was the initial cause. Weakened plants are more susceptible to .

Sunscald of Deciduous Trees
Apr 24, 2002 . This will limit the likelihood of the sunscald occurring on the landscape trees. Plant evergreen shrubs around susceptible trees to help shade .

Crops | Diseases | Winter Sunscald and Frost Cracking: Tree Bark ...
Sunscald and frost cracking of trees can occur in any winter, but the effect of . and Honeylocust (Gleditsia) and most fruit trees are susceptible to sunscalding.

Cheyenne, WY - Official Website - Sunscald Damage to Tree Bark
Older chokecherry trees seem to be very susceptible to sunscald damage. Chokecherries typically grow in a thicket with numerous root suckers growing around .

Protecting Trees and Shrubs Against Winter Damage
Young trees, newly planted trees, and thin-barked trees (cherry, crabapple, honey locust, linden, maple, mountain ash, plum) are most susceptible to sun scald.