American Kennel Club - How Do I Find a Breeder?
You may also want to check the "Breeder Referral Contacts by Region." All-Breed and local AKC Specialty Clubs also offer breeder referral programs and .

American Kennel Club - Facts and Stats
Visit the breeder's home or kennel and ask to see at least one of the puppy's parents. Get an idea of what the future holds for your dog in terms of temperament .

Breeders.NET: Dog Breeders Search Directory
Check out this great companion to Breeders.NET here! Dog News; Breed Guides; Tips and Resources; Much More and Growing Every Day! Symptoms of Parvo- .

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Apr 21, 2010 . We are considering getting a goldendoodle and went on the site I spoke with a breeder about the puppies he has, and he .

How to Find a Reputable Breeder
Reputable breeders do not want to find out a dog they bred has been left in a pound or dumped by the roadside. They assume a lifetime responsibility for the .

Finding a Responsible Breeder
In addition, the breeder may have heard only what he .